Cambridge Portraits, Procedures and Fees
Anthony R Tyley GCGI


"The painter chooses with great speed between his colours, which he has placed in front of him in great quantity, and variety of hues, in order to portray faithfully the naturalness of a scene, and he goes backwards and forwards with the eyes and with the hands between the (colours) and the picture" (Seneca, Epistle 121.5)


Procedures and Fees

The commissioning process is essentially a collaborative one. After an initial meeting, Anthony prepares small - scale conceptual studies for the work, involving Formal Portrait Example both drawings and photographs. These are discussed in great detail with the client before work is started on a half - size compositional study.

Proposals are then developed and proposed to the sitter, in the form of a detailed half - size drawing, showing all major elements of the pose and background in place. The exact dimensions and proportions of the final portrait are determined at this stage.

For paintings, the linen canvas is then made up to order, and a full size working drawing, in charcoal or pencil, is drawn up to assess the composition at full size. Portrait sittings then proceed, working directly from life, using finest quality materials. Three sittings of 2½ hours are required for drawings, six or more for portraits in oils. The work in progress may be viewed at any time by arrangement, either directly, or via digital email images. The work is only finished when accepted by the sitter or client.

It is sometimes helpful for Anthony to borrow uniforms, decorations, academic robes etc. to work from in the studio between sittings.




Portrait Head ( up to 12"x10")

Head and  Shoulders  (up to 16"x12")

Head and Shoulders (up to 20"x16")



      Emily, 5, William, 3, Edward, 1. Oils on canvas,  28"x 36"

Oil Portraits

Portrait head (16"x12"):

Head and Shoulders (20"x16"):

Head and Shoulders (24"x20"):

Half Length (30"x25"):

Three-quarter length (36"x28"):

Full - length (40"x30"):

Full - length (50"x40"):



Please note:

No VAT is payable.

All sizes are approximate: the exact proportions of the portrait are determined by the pose and background. Complex clothing, jewellery, military uniforms with decorations, and elaborate backgrounds will add to the time taken to complete the portrait, and therefore cost.

Prices are a guide only for a single portrait: double and group portraits will be quoted for separately.

Prices exclude framing and travel expenses: suitable framers can be recommended.

For countries outside the UK please E-mail the studio for details.

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